Who we are

ClinBAY is a global biometrics CRO with headquarters in Cyprus, Europe. Our services involve statistical consulting and programming on clinical trials, functional sourcing and software solutions. You can find more information on our official company website www.clinbay.com.

Our Software

We provide a wide range of software and tools, in different areas but all meeting the same goals: improving productivity and quality, automating repetitive tasks, through nice user interfaces. More information on each of our products can be found at www.clinbay.com.

About Datasly

Datasly is a lightweight and powerful data visualisation tool. By utilising it's rich feature set, Datasly has helped us as a company in improving our productivity and as a result become more profitable. It provides an easy to use interface which enhances it's usability, yet remains robust and feature dense even for power users. Feel free to download the free version and take it for a spin.